A 10 day intensive writing workshop designed to refine both critical reading and writing skills for high school honors students. Students will learn how to close read a variety of texts ranging from poems, short stories, historical documents, speeches, and NY Times articles. Furthermore, they will learn to contextualize and synthesize multiple texts in an inter-disciplinary fashion. After reading and analyzing these texts, students will produce well-structured expository essays.

Student must have an "A" in previous English course and will be taking English Honors during the next school year.

Please call 949-861-2211 for more information.

Course Syllabus (Topics Covered): All the fundamentals of writing (covered in EA for junior high) will be reviewed in exercises/drills. Students will also learn the importance of historical/cultural context when reading any type of text. Texts will range from Shakespeare excerpts to Kafka short stories and The Federalist Papers. By the end of the course, students should possess the basic tools to analyze a poem, short story, historical document, or news article with sufficient depth for a high school honors essay.

Who should attend (Eligibility): students who will be entering 9th or 10th grade in the Fall. Older high school students who wish to refine their critical reading and writing skills for honors or AP English can also attend. This course goes beyond basic summarization/regurgitation & requires that students make active choices while reading and writing.  It is NOT recommended for ELD students.

Prerequisite: Students should already possess experience with writing five paragraph essays and feel comfortable with their critical reading skills to date. Every student will be required to write a diagnostic essay before the course begins & then one at the end of course to measure their progress.

Why should students attend (Benefits): Students will learn essential critical reading and writing skills to carry them through both honors high school courses and college.

What will students gain from this course: critical reading/writing skills and the ability to handle basic inter-disciplinary assignments

Text Required: All reading texts will be provided in class & there will be some instructional videos to watch as well

Homework Assignments: The course is designed for in-class writing only. There is no homework, but all students must complete their work in class. No excuses are accepted for not completing at least a complete writing exercise by the end of class. Most classes will require a full essay or paragraph.