Students learn to design their own circuits using magnetic electronic building blocks. They will program their projects to read sensors, flash lights, and display images on an LED matrix. Example projects include electronic musical instruments and interactive arcade games.


Here is the class outline:

1. Topic1 - Input & Output

Students will learn how to build a circuit and code it with inputs. Example projects include controlling the LEDs and speakers with buttons.

2. Topic2 - Loops & Logic

Students will learn how to repeat actions using loops and control actions with if/else statements. Example projects include sending a secret message and changing emoji images.

3. Topic3 - Variables & Functions

Students will create variables and functions. Example projects include creating animations and making a racing game.

4. Topic4 - Inventions

Students will combine their circuit building and programming skills to make complex inventions. Sample projects include a hot potato game or electronic guitar.

5. Topic5 - Final Project

For their final project, students will innovate their previous invention or create something brand new.