This class introduces the basics of the Life Science portion of Science Olympiad. There will be a lecture each class on a different topic for the first half of class, and then, a Science Olympiad event for the second half of class. The Science Olympiad events promote hands-on experimentation through inquiry and will provide a foundation of basic principles of the scientific process, laboratory techniques, computer simulations, and scientific writing. This experience will foster an understanding of the methods of scientific investigation and further develop scientific minds.


Here is the class outline:

1. Lesson 0: Introduction to Junior Science Olympiad

2. Topic 1: Introduction to Earth Science

Students will learn the basics of the earth's structure, such as its layers.

3. Topic 2: Dynamic Planet

Students will learn how our Earth is always changing and has been for many years through phenomena like plate tectonics.

4. Topic 3: Rocks & Minerals

Students will learn about the different properties of various rocks and minerals, and have hands-on experience with different types.

5. Topic 4: Meteorology

Students will learn in-depth about the climate of our Earth and the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere.

6. Topic 5: Solar System

Students will learn about topics in astronomy such as the solar system and properties of different planets and the universe.

7. Topic 6: Road Scholar

Students will learn how to analyze and interpret topographic maps.