Short description: Python Syntax and Basics: Students learn basic Python syntax and programming as they solve challenging puzzles and participate in interactive in-class coding projects.
Application: Learn to use the following: turtle tool, background color, x-y coordinates, keyboard interaction, and pen drawing.
Final Project: This final portion of the course focuses on putting together what you have learned to build your own games.

No prior coding experience is required.


Here is the class outline:

1. Fundamentals of Coding & Python Basics

• Learn about Coding Basics (i.e. Functions, Commands, Keywords) • Error Messages and Debugging • Commenting • Python Rules (i.e. Naming conventions, Reserved Words)

2. Loops and Patterns

• "While" and "For" Loops • Indentations and Organization • Arithmetic Operators • Nested Loops

3. Conditional Logic

• If/Elif/Else • Multiple Conditions/True and False Logic • Assignment, Comparison, and Logical Operators

4. Conditional Loops

• "For" vs. "While" vs. "Do-While" Specifics • Breaking and Returning

5. Variables

• Importance of Variables • Declaring Variables • Changing and Assigning Variables • String format and syntax • Properties of strings and variables

6. Expressions

• Arithmetic vs. Logical vs. String Expressions • Evaluating Expressions • Parsing Data • Operator Precedence • Lists and Dictionaries • Data Types

7. Turtle Tool

• Turtle Graphics on Cartesian Planes • Classes • Importing • Object and Variable Specifics

8. User Interaction

• Defining Functions • LEGB Rules • Keyboard and Mouse Inputs • Parameters and Arguments

9. Game Design

• Applying Objects/Functions onto Games and Applications • Advanced List Manipulations • Iteration • Sprite Creations

10. Final Project and Presentations

• Students will be given a variety of games to build/choose from (i.e. Snake, Connect 4, Tetris, etc.) • Two Hours of Building • One Hour of Presentation