This class introduces beginners in grades 5-6 to programming using visual programming. Students will learn basic algorithms and logic with challenging puzzles and interactive projects. Students will create numerous mini-projects as well as complete two complete games by the end of the course.


Here is the class outline:

1. Welcome to Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth

2. Day 1 - Introduction to Game Design

Game Design Basics and Properties Simple Animation and Movements X-Y Coordinates Mini-Projects: Treasure Chase, Monster Mash, Forest Scene, Hide and Seek

3. Day 2: Conditions and Interactions

UI Interaction Actor Interaction Conditional Blocks Mini-Projects: Gauntlet, Animation Control, Wizards vs. Zombies Game

4. Day 3: Loops and Broadcasting

Actor Properties Nested Loops Win Screens and Levels Broadcasting Mini-Projects: Fireball Tennis, Boss Battle, Build Your Own Adventure Game

5. Day 4: Physics Engine

Physics and Design your own Physics Engine Gravity in Programming Bounciness and Restitution Static and Active Blocks Mini-Projects: Make a Structure, Stack the Blocks, Stack ‘em up, Owl Bounce, Gravity Madness, Trick Shots

6. Day 5: Impulse and Collisions

Debugging Fully-Functioning Code Impulse and Projectiles Collisions Mini-Projects: Basketball Game, Falling Objects, Get the Dynamite, Shoot Targets, Physics Projectile and Cannon

7. Day 6: Timers and Smart Controls

Keyboard and Timer Blocks Multiplayer Animation and Switching Animation Multiple Appearances Mini-Projects: Cannon Crasher, Built a Timed Game, Create a Full-Game

8. Day 7: Parallax and Cloning

Screen Boundaries and Screen Locations Parallax Background Effects and Scrolling Cloning Mini-Projects: Make New Enemies, Parallax Scrolling, Clone Projectiles, 2-Player Battle

9. Day 8: Variables

Local and Global Variables Health and Score Variables Customized Loops and Movement Programming Mini-Projects: Snowball Fight, Powerups, Boss Rush, Boss Battle Part 2

10. Day 9: Finishing Touches

Assigning Values to Variables Top-Down Arcade Games Captions Cleaning Up Games Mini-Projects: Build Your Own Top Down Arcade Game, Choose Your Dragon

11. Day 10: Final Projects

Final Details/Tools to Use for Presentations - Elevator Pitches - Marketing Tools 2-Hour Independent Projects and Application Design 1-Hour Presentation