Fantasy ~ This is an introductory writing camp for students entering Grade 7 or 8. No prior experience required.

Writing is an act of imagination; in this two-week writing workshop, students learn how to transpose the vivacity of their ideas into structured works of narrative fiction. Students follow the READ → THINK → WRITE → APPLY cycle of the learning process by emulating stylistic techniques into their own writing.


The focus of this writing camp is the composition of a short chaptered Fantasy story. Storytellers across time have created worlds beyond - Harry Potter's Hogwarts, Star Wars, the Hobbit, and more. Students create a world of their own, using powerful imagery and figurative language to bring this setting to life.


This course encourages students to approach writing as a craft, an art, which can also supplement their writing in all other areas of academia. Students learn strategies to generate ideas, explore point of view, master English grammar and usage, and build confidence in the ownership of their work. They learn writing by doing what professional authors do: researching, deciding on topics, collaborating with peers, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.

Most of all, this Creative Writing camp aims to make writing fun. It is a safe space to share ideas, silly or wild, and see students' imagination come alive!