This class will focus on introducing Lego Mindstorms EV3 hardware and software. It is geared towards preparing students to participate in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) competitions. Students will learn team work, robotics construction, programming, and related topics in applied mathematics, physical science, and engineering. Students in grade 4-6 are eligible.


Here is the class outline:

1. Motors

Students will build the base robot and learn motor control.

2. Sound, Light, Touch

Students will add touch sensor to their robot and learn to produce sounds and images.

3. Distance Sensor

Students add a distance sensor and program the robot to sense objects and obstacles.

4. Color Sensor

Students add a light sensor so the robot can follow a path, or respond to objects of specific colors.

5. Gyro Sensor

Students will learn how to measure angles using the gyro.

6. Medium Motor

Students add a medium motor that can act like an extra appendage.

7. Gear Ratios

Students learn about gears and change the wheel configurations.

8. Final Projects

Students design and build their own robot.