This course is designed for students in grades 5-6 interested in learning about Science Olympiad and experimental chemistry at an accelerated pace. The 10-week long session involves lessons approximately one to two years ahead of science taught in school. This class will cover two Science Olympiad events: Potions and Poisons, and Crime Busters. Classes are structured as forty-five minutes of lecture and an hour and fifteen minutes of lab. The lab always involves hands-on experimentation or building activities. For more information about Science Olympiad, visit the official Science Olympiad website at


Here is the class outline:

1. Welcome to Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth

2. ChemLab1: The Periodic Table of Elements

3. ChemLab2: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

4. ChemLab3: Carbon Chemistry

5. Potions and Poisons

6. Experimental Design: Chemical Reactions

7. Science Olympiad - Crime Busters

8. Biochemistry

9. The Nature of Matter

10. Atoms and Bonding

11. Acid Experiment