Short description: Python Syntax and Basics: Students learn basic Python syntax and programming as they solve challenging puzzles and participate in interactive in-class coding projects.
Application: Learn to use the following: turtle tool, background color, x-y coordinates, keyboard interaction, and pen drawing.
Final Project: This final portion of the course focuses on putting together what you have learned to build your own games.

No prior coding experience is required.


Here is the class outline:

1. Fundamentals of Coding & Python Basics

• Learn about Coding Basics (i.e. Commands, Variables, Syntax) • Error Messages and Debugging • Commenting • Python Rules (i.e. Naming conventions, Reserved Words) • Taking Input and Output • Hands on project!

2. Decisions to Make!

• Booleans • Arithmetic and Logical Operators • Arithmetic and Logical Expressions • If Statements • Food Recommendation AI!

3. Looping Loops

• For/While Loops • While Loops vs. For Loops • Random Number Generators in Python • QuizBowl Project!

4. Lists of Functional Dictionaries

• Lists • Dictionaries • Function Declaration, Parameterization, Return • Address Book Project!

5. Role Playing Game

• Create your own role-playing game in Python!

6. Mr. Turtle the Artist

• Turtle Graphics API • Drawing Sprites • Drawing Miniprojects!

7. Mr. Turtle Lost in a Maze

• Create your own maze for Mr. Turtle to escape from in Python!

8. Turtle Crosses the Road

• Create your own version of the Crossy Road game using Python and the Turtle API!

9. Final Project

• Apply what you've learned to create your own project!

10. Final Project and Presentations

• Students will finish building their project from Day 9 • Students will present their project to the class and to their parents