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Summer 2019: P005E22 - Game Design 101


T305E22 - This class introduces beginners in grades 3-4 to programming using a fun scenario-based approach through building two complete games: Side Scroller Survival to learn basics of motion and animation, and Beat Bot Battle, where students program a robot to dance. Upon completing this course, students will be able to build simple games, animations, and a variety of simple projects. No prior experience is needed.

Here is the class outline:

1. Welcome to Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth

2. Day 1 - Introduction to Game Design

- Introductions - Game Design Fundamentals - Creating a Scene Mini-Projects Include: Treasure Chase, Animated Dance Party, Alien Sounds

3. Day 2: Game Elements

- Loops and Animation - Jumping over Obstacles - Storytelling Mini-Projects Include: Animate on your Own, Jump on Your Own and Over Obstacles, Comic Books

4. Day 3: Game Specifics

- User Interaction - Guessing Game - Rotation Mini-Projects Include: Making Actors Move, Create a Quiz and Ghostbusters, Flip On Your Own

5. Day 4: Unique Game Features

- Music and Animation - Broadcasting Messages - Time Limits Mini-Projects Include: Adding Music, Sending BeatBot Messages, Make Your Own Arcade

6. Day 5: Midterm Projects

Quick Review of Past Lessons Advanced Details of Past Lessons 2-Hour Independent Projects and Classroom Evaluation 1-Hour Presentation Analysis

7. Day 6: Number Programming

- Message-Driven Programming - Random Number Generators - Animation with Movement Mini-Projects Include: Crazy Ship, Obstacle Course, Pen Drawing

8. Day 7: Complex Coding Tools in Games

- Nested Loops - Random Numbers - Create your own Art Tool - Mouse Sensor and Pointers Mini-Projects Include: Animation Control, Knight Attack, Boss Battle

9. Day 8: Color Detections and Textures

- Changing Size and Look of Characters In-Game - Advanced Art Tool Textures - Color Detection and Sensors Mini-Projects Include: Race Car, Doodle Racer, Etch-A-Sketch

10. Day 9: Game Sensors

- Avoid Game Obstacles with Detections - Geometry and Math in Coding - Special Game Effects and Rules Mini-Projects Include: Escape the Maze, Portals, Paint Racer

11. Day 10: Final Projects

Final Details/Tools to Use for Presentations - Elevator Pitches - Marketing Tools 2-Hour Independent Projects and Application Design 1-Hour Presentation

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