Designed to guide innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs through the steps of identifying a program, creating an app to solve the problem, and building a company to launch the app. Students join a team and build their startups with the help of advisors and mentors in both business strategies and coding. The program offers an unique experience for students to participate in app design and entrepreneurship competitions and build portfolios for college applications.

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Diamond Challenge for High School Entrepreneurs and MIT Launch covers the following:

  • Learning about what entrepreneurship is
  • How to come up with ideas
  • Doing market research and finding your customer
  • Creating value for your customer
  • Knowing how to capture and sustain value
  • Selling and pitching

UCI Applied Innovation

  • Events that connects entrepreneurs with Orange County Business Community
  • Mentors to assist in start-up companies

A203E adds the following value:

  • Actually launch the company when ready
  • Learning social entrepreneurship
  • Learning and using state-of-the-art business tools to manage projects, collaborate with team members, and engage customers
  • Learning hands-on lessons from the instructor¬†who have successfully launched and/or managed five award winning companies in information technology, education, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Becoming a student leader of MIT Launch Clubs in the fall and forming teams for MIT Launch competition
  • Participate in Diamond Challenge competitions.

Students with good standing will also be selected to attend the MIT Launch Global Leadership Conference in the fall.