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Summer 2019: E108A12 - Accelerated English 7/8



A 10 day intensive writing workshop designed to teach the fundamentals of expository writing to junior high students. By the end of the workshop, every student will have a solid understanding of how to write a well-structured five paragraph essay. The course will include guided reading of expository articles on a variety of topics. Students will gain step by step instruction about how to plan, outline, and write each section of a five paragraph essay. However, the emphasis will be on producing writing on an individual basis. As a result, each student will be required to write significant amounts daily. The output will include writing drills and essays. Students will learn essential writing skills that will be required not only in junior high and high school but also in college and beyond. Students gain a solid foundation in core essay writing skills from this course

Course Syllabus (Topics Covered): how to plan an essay, how to write an effective hook/bridge/thesis/topic sentence, how to select appropriate supporting details, how to perform significant analysis, and how to conclude both paragraphs and essays as a whole.

Who should attend (Eligibility): students who will be entering 7th or 8th grade in the Fall. It is NOT recommended for ELD students.

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of critical reading and some expository writing experience would be ideal. Every student will be required to write a diagnostic essay before the course begins & then one at the end of course to measure their progress.

Text Required: All reading texts will be provided in class & there will be some instructional videos to watch as well

Homework Assignments: The course is designed for in-class writing only. There is no homework, but all students must complete their work in class. No excuses are accepted for not completing at least a complete writing exercise by the end of class. Most classes will require a full essay or paragraph.


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