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Math Olympiad

Winter 2020: M206C14 - Math Olympiad Level 6



Math Olympiad Level 6 consists of four courses taught over Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. Designed for students concurrently taking Common Core 6 or Pre-Algebra at school, these four causes cover problem solving topics often found in Common Core 6, 7, and 8 curriculum. Our pedagogical approach is to anchor each common core 6 topic with knowledge and skills of common core 7, 8 and middle school math competition. In class, students develop number sense through mental math drills, mathematical fluency through targeted skill builders, and problem solving through multi-step word problems.

In this third course of Math Olympiad Level 6, students will learn advanced concepts related to ratio, rate, percentage, relative speed, system of equations, area and perimeters with a focus on developing algebra skills to solve complex word problems.

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