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Winter 2020: S203C17 - Young Scientists & Engineers 3


This course is designed for students in grades 2-3 interested in learning general science topics at an accelerated pace. The 10-week long session will cover a 5-week unit about life science and a 5-week unit about robotics and visual programming. The topics for each lesson are approximately one to two grade levels ahead of the science taught in school. Classes are structured as a half an hour of lecture and one and a half hours of lab. The lab for each class always involves hands-on experimentation or building activities.

Here is the class outline:

1. Microscopes

2. DNA

3. The Nervous System

4. The Cardiovascular System

5. The Digestive System

6. Introduction to Visual Programming

7. Forces and Speed

8. Structures

9. Final Project

10. Final Project

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