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Spring 2020: S203D17 - Young Scientists & Engineers 3


This course is designed for students in grades 2-3 interested in learning chemistry and earth science at an accelerated pace. The 10-week long session introduces a five week module on chemistry and a five week module on environmental science. The topics for each lesson are approximately one to two grade levels ahead of the science taught in school. It is designed for students to explore science and engineering early and get ready for transition to the new Next Generation Science Standards. The hands-on program emphasize observation, experimentation, building, and research.

Young Scientists & Engineers 3 Syllabus

Course Overview

This course is designed for students in grades 2-3 interested in learning general science topics at an accelerated pace. The 10-week long session will cover a 5-week unit about earth science and a 5-week unit about chemistry. The topics for each lesson are approximately one to two grade levels ahead of the science taught in school. Classes are structured as a half an hour of lecture and one and a half hours of lab. The lab for each class always involves hands-on experimentation or building activities. Students will complete two projects, in which they can choose one project to showcase at the Ardent Academy STEM Expo on Sunday of Week 10. 

Course Materials

  • A notebook or notebook paper
  • Pencil
  • An open mind ready to learn science!


  • Ardent Academy E-Learning website

Course Schedule

The topic for each week will be disclosed about one day before class on the Ardent Academy E-Learning website. We will have no class on Sunday, 4/1, as a spring break. 

Spring 2020 Schedule:

Week SUN
1 3/8/20
2 3/15/20
3 3/22/20
4 3/29/20
5 4/5/20
6 4/12/20
7 4/19/20
8 4/26/20
9 5/3/20
10 5/10/20


Homework Policy

Homework is estimated to take about thirty minutes to one hour to complete for each week. Homework is expected to be turned in at the beginning of class or online, depending on the assignment. There is no penalty for late assignments, but it is recommended that students stay on top of the homework, since it will continuously accumulate. Please note that this class is project based, and the homework will mainly be centered around the project. The project will be due the class of Week 10 of the session. On this last day of class, each student will present their project to the front of the class and parents are invited to attend the presentations.

The project for the winter session is TBD.

Grading Policy

Parents and students are responsible for checking their grades online on the E-Learning website. Grades will be visible one week after it has been turned in, and will be returned to the student in class. If there are any issues regarding how an assignment has been graded, parents and students can talk to the teaching assistant, Ms. Jenny, during office hours.

Session Topics














Mixtures and Solutions


States of Matter


Atoms and Elements


Chemical Reactions 


Heat and Energy

Office Hours

Students may attend office hours if the homework was particularly difficult or if there were discrepancies during the lecture. Students will work with the teaching assistant, Ms. Jenny. Office hours is also a time where students can make up the lab if they were absent the previous week. Parents and students can also meet with the instructor to discuss student’s performance in the class.

Class Announcements

The instructor will be primarily using the E-Learning website to communicate with individual students and the entire class. The instructor will contact the class through announcements on E-Learning, which will alert the email on the E-Learning account. Therefore, please frequently check your email and E-Learning for updates about the class. An individual message on E-Learning will alert the email account as a message, instead of an announcement.

Absent Policy

It is important that the parent or student contact the instructor before a student’s absence as early as possible. The student will be exempt from the lab worksheet, but they may complete a shorter version of the lab during office hours. This is not mandatory, but recommended. Once it is confirmed that the student will attend office hours, the instructor will send the PowerPoint slides, and the student should read over them to prepare for the lab. Any questions about the lecture material can be directed to the instructor or TA during office hours. Homework should still be completed.

Additional Information

Any questions or concerns about the overview of the class should be directed to instructor’s email: .


Here is the class outline:

Welcome to Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth

1. Rocks

2. Crystals

3. Weather

4. Oceans

5. Astronomy

6. Mixtures and Solutions

7. States of Matter

8. Atoms and Elements

9. Chemical Reactions

10. Heat and Energy

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