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Grades 6 - 8

Summer 2020: S206A01 - Science Olympiad: Life Science


This class explores the Life Science, Inquiry, and Nature of Science portion of the Science Olympiad and will prepare students for events such as Experimental Design, Write it Do it, Microbe Mission, Disease Detectives, and Anatomy & Physiology. Students will learn about the biological principles related to these topics and practice designing experiments and writing lab reports. The Science Olympiad events promote hands-on experimentation through inquiry and will provide a foundation of basic principles of the scientific process, laboratory techniques, computer simulations, and scientific writing. This experience will foster an understanding of the methods of scientific investigation and further develop scientific minds.

Here is the class outline:

1. Microbe Mission 1

Students learn about pathogens and the diseases they cause.

2. Disease Detectives 1

Students are introduced to the transmission of infectious diseases.

3. Experimental Design

Students learn about the immune system and design their first experiment.

4. Microbe Mission 2

Students focus on diseases transmitted through food and water.

5. Disease Detectives 2

Students finish their experiment and apply their epidemiology knowledge.

6. Anatomy 1

Students learn about the cardiovascular system and complete a dissection.

7. Anatomy 2

Students learn about the digestive system and design an experiment.

8. Ecology 1

Students learn about terrestrial biomes and practice herpetology.

9. Ecology 2

Students learn about species interactions and finish their final experiment.

10. Mini Science Olympiad

On the last day, students will rotate through real Science Olympiad events including Experimental Design, Write it Do it, Anatomy, and others.

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