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Grades 6 - 8

Summer 2020: S207A02 - Science Olympiad: Physical Sciences


This class explores the Physical Science, Inquiry, and Engineering portions of the Science Olympiad and will prepare students for events such as Experimental Design, Wright Stuff, and Hovercraft. Students will learn about the physics principles related to engineering design and practice designing experiments and recording engineering notebooks. They will design planes, gliders, helicopters, rockets, hovercrafts, and wind turbines. The Science Olympiad events promote hands-on experimentation through inquiry and will provide a foundation of basic principles of the scientific process, laboratory techniques, and scientific writing. This experience will foster an understanding of the methods of scientific investigation and further develop scientific minds.

Here is the class outline:

1. Write it Do it / Mystery Architecture (Cantilever)

Students prepare for the Write it Do it event and learn how to write clear procedures. Students create an architectural design based on materials provided.

2. Experimental Design-Wind Power

Students learn how to design an experiment to investigate blade design for the optimal wind turbine. This also prepares them for the Wind Power event.

3. Helicopter

Students will build and test a helicopter.

4. Elastic Launch Glider

Students will design and test an airplane launched using a rubber band.

5. Wright Stuff

Students investigate plane designs using propellers.

6. Bottle Rockets

Students will learn about the history of spacecrafts and space travel then construct their own water powered bottle rocket

7. Hovercraft

Students will design and test a hovercraft powered by electricity.

8. Mission Possible

Students will design and test their own rube goldberg machine.

9. Mystery Architecture (Bridge)

Students create an architectural design based on materials provided.

10. Mini Science Olympiad

On the last day, students will rotate through real Science Olympiad events including Experimental Design, Write it Do it, Mystery Architecture and others.

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