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Summer 2020: E108E02 - Writing Workshop 8



Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Flash Fiction/Short Story/Science Fiction & Fantasy

Required Text
· Cinder by Marissa Meyer (790L)

All 7th-8th graders are welcome to join. Please note in order to qualify for the competition, students must be 13 years or older. It is up to the discretion of the student and family to submit completed work when entries open September 1, 2020.

Students will pick from one of the following categories: Flash Fiction, Short Story, or Science Fiction & Fantasy, and closely review category eligibility and requirements. Using previous contestants’ works as models of study, students will work with their instructor to develop a topic, theme, and narrative focus for their piece. Students will do a deep dive into narrative techniques, figurative language, and genres of writing to replicate into their own work.

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