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Winter 2021: E109C05 - High School Essay Writing



High School Essay Writing is an in-depth writing course designed to prepare students to meet the rigorous demand of academic writing at the high school level.  This course is designed to improve and increase a student’s critical reading and thinking as well as analytical writing skills to help the student write expository and persuasive essays across the curriculum. This course will focus on processing text on a higher figurative level in order to deliver analysis that meets or exceeds the standards on standardized or written assessments (essays). This process will include how to engage with a text through annotations and discussion. A student's ability to express analysis verbally is usually developed before their ability to write analytically so being an active participant in class discussions is expected. This course will allow you to demonstrate mastery of both the literary and writing concepts presented in class in order to improve your writing scores at the high school level.

*Instructor: Christina Engelerdt

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