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Grades 6 - 8

Winter 2021: S208F07 - Medical Biology 2: Digestion, Brain, & Senses


This course teaches medical biology with a focus on human anatomy and physiology by studying the structure, function, and performance of the human body through laboratory experimentation and investigation. Students will cover topics concerning the digestive and nervous systems with additional focus on the sensory organs. Example activities include conducting dissections of a sheep brain and cow eye and testing the senses.

*Instructor: Molly Hudash

Here is the class outline:

Lesson 1: Digestive System

Lesson 2: Nutrition & Digestion

Lesson 3: The Brain

Lesson 4: Nervous System

Lesson 5: Eye Structure

Lesson 6: Vision

Lesson 7: Hearing & Balance

Lesson 8: Smell & Taste

Lesson 9: Touch

Lesson 10: Final Presentations

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