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Winter 2021: P208C07 - AP Computer Science Principles (Python)



The Principles course examines a variety of computer science topics at a largely conceptual level, with an introduction to the structured and procedural programming paradigms. Topics covered include programming fundamentals like variables, operators, decisions, expressions, data structures, and loops, as well as software development, algorithms, networks, information security, copyright, privacy, and the social/ethical impact of computing. It is an excellent starting point for all students to acquire essential problem-solving skills using machines that can be applied in interdisciplinary work with other fields like math, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, music, entertainment, etc. This course will also prep students who are planning to take the AP Computer Science Principles exam in May.

*Instructor: Gene Wie

Class Structure:


  • 2 hours lecture
  • Up to 1 hour (optional) Q/A session immediately following the lecture on programming concepts and homework questions.


  • One-on-one (required) tutorial through Slack course workspace for feedback on programming homework, at least 2-3 days anytime during the week.

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