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Math Olympiad

Winter 2021: M309E20 - Math Olympiad Bootcamp for AMC 10



This five-day intensive camp will take place December 26-30, 2020, and is designed to prepare students for the AMC 10 exams in February 2021. Students develop key test-taking skills, practice speed and accuracy, and work on challenging problems appropriate to the level of individual students through small group instructions.

    *Instructor: Dr. James Li

    *DISCLAIMER: Ardent Academy is NOT responsible for registering your child for the AMC 10 exam. Parents and students must register on their own. Students may only take the AMC 10 exam ONCE (either with their school or with other entity). Early Bird Tuition and proration DO NOT apply to this class and students CANNOT trial; all lectures will be online live and recorded.

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